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Art embroidery of Irina Malikova

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Embroidery of Irina Malikova

Preview - go Our News - 15 February 2002
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The album "Loved garden"
The past summer
The granddaughter Evgenia
Russian mermaid
The skan works of Irina Malikova
The Russian English-language magazine "Moscow: today & tomorrow" In January number has published the article about Irina Malikova "My Embroidery Speaks for Me".
Is pleasant, that as a push for occurrence of this publication our site has served.

The photo granddaughter Evgenia with Mstislav Rostropovich is added.

 Russian mermaid  
What wonderful collars on naked models
The album "Loved garden" Irina Malikova
The design of the album is created on the base of the work of Lubov Katunina, graduate of artistic school of Orenburg.
It contains the quite a lot of graphs so store the patience - and you will be reward.
Hats and collars of Irina Malikova are presented by her granddaughter.
Foto of A. Mirzachanov
Illustrations from albums and booklets The are works of Irina Malikova
° Album of art embroidery "My garden", Orenburg, 2000
° Booklet, 1991

Acacia01 | Acacia02 | 03 | 04 | Lily of the valley | Narcissus | Torget-me-not 01 | Torget-me-not 02 | Torget-me-not 03 | Winter | Gold 01 | Gold 02 | Gold 03 | Gold 04 |

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Touch a miracle

Embroidery collars of Irina Nikolaevna Malikova are beyond the scope of crafts and as unique as creative activity any persisting artist. Expert creates own acceptence, quite often dictated by material with which happens to work easy handle with canons of embroidery. All presented in the catalogue collars are executed thread muline on chiffon and "net". Translucent fabrics, mainly green tone, severs gentile natural background for garden flowers and wild flowers, embroidery artistic smooth surface: forget-me-not, iris, stylized poppy, apple brossom, wild rose, violets. Malikova has her own stylized scenes of the plants repulsing from sample, taken in journal begin XX century and more lately.

The embroidery collars isn t losing its functionality, but they remain works of top art with clear distinguished individual style of artist.

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